Skilled Reflection

Keep a skilled eye on yourself.

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Membership is mostly a symbolic act, but there are a few reasons you might want to join officially.

  1. Be more involved
  2. Play a role in deciding future session themes
  3. Participate in special events/workshops


You are more than welcome to come to any Skilled Reflection session without ever becoming a member, so long as you adhere to the guidelines of the session and respect others in attendence (basically, turn your phone on silent and respect others’ privacy).

Officially valuing yourself

To join, an enrolled student must submit an initial (A) and revised (B) request. Rather than pledging to some values we might think are important, membership in Skilled Reflection only requires that you pledge to the value of reflecting on and for yourself. Here’s how we’ve formalized it.

Step 1: Request to join.


1) the value of SR to you
2) the limit of that value (i.e. when is SR no longer beneficial for you?).

This constitutes the first draft of a potential member’s Active Member Statement (AMS). Submit your request essay to Upon receipt, SR officer will evaluate your request and reply with instructions for revision.

Step 2: Clarify your request.

Revise your initial request to join, according to revision criteria provided. Submit your revision to

Ongoing membership

To maintain active membership status, members are expected to attend at least 3 sessions per semester, and provide group input on at least 50% of group decisions (by email).

Members may re-activate their membership by revising their AMS with reflection on the following prompt: What is the specific value that makes you want to renew your membership, and the specific value that led you to take a break?

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