Skilled Reflection

Keep a skilled eye on yourself.

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About Skilled Reflection

You care about some things more than others, and do some things more than others.

Skilled reflection is an attempt to clarify how your actions and values relate to each other, and make clear next-steps toward who you imagine yourself being.

Skilled Reflection is a Student Organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that meets once a week to write privately for about an hour.

Each session focuses on specific themes related to identity, goals, and being a student, with prompts for you to reflect and write on.

More than anything, the time and writing are commitments to better navigate our complex lives. To learn more, read about the orginization’s start and mission in the Psychology Department Bulletin.

Okay, I’m curious.

  1. Here’s what happens at every session.
  2. Try to describe yourself in 250 words.
  3. Learn more about Skilled Reflection.

Now what?

  1. Find out about upcoming Fall 2020 sessions.
  2. You can’t wait any longer, so a. go ahead and follow us on Instagram @skilledreflection, or
    b. email us at skilledreflection at gmail dot com