Skilled Reflection

Keep a skilled eye on yourself.

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Skilled Reflection is now holding meetings on Zoom. To join the zoom sessions or request prior session writing prompts, please don’t hesitate to message us (see email below)!

Tentatively we will have meetings this fall at the following time:

Is there a time of the week that works better for you? Let us know you’d like to join but cannot make the scheduled sessions.

Note: We technically have a new-join process, but it isn’t required to attend.

Previous Sessions

Making a Leader Inside (4/20)

How to cope the pandemic with leadership and guidance tailored to your specific needs. Zoom session

Midterm spring break: Spring break midterm (3/4)

Before you “endure” a torturous midterms, and compensate with an exquisite break, take a hot minute (hour) to gaze at the nature of the roller coaster you’re on with some skilled reflection. If nothing else, you’ll be better prepared for the ups and downs.

Tuesday (3/3) 4 – 5 pm Steenbock library, rm 102
Friday (3/6), 1:30 – 2:30 pm College Library, rm 2258

Reclaiming Time from School (2/17)

“Reclaiming time: My personal goals
versus the University’s expectations”

Missed a session?

Email us about a session you’d like to do on your own, and we can send you an adapted template for reflection! Let us know how it goes.