Skilled Reflection v2.15 is an abbreviated manual of the tools that’ll help you shape the precise SELF you’re after without having to tell a single soul (some SELF-assembly required).

Camp (Coming Soon)

Over the last few years, Skilled Reflection methods have been developed and refined with students in various course formats: semester-long, club, and a week-long intensive. Slated for late summer, 2023, the next phase of Skilled Reflection will be more immersive and interactive than ever before. Contact us to stay informed.


A journaling club with purpose: yours.

Habits and reality have a tendency to sneak between our intentions and actions. A little Skilled Reflection will make reality more like your plan. Each session focuses on specific themes related to identity, goals, and being a student, with prompts for you to reflect and write on. Read about us in the Psychology Department Bulletin.