D Lesson: DOUBT

  1. Imagine receiving the perfect email that meets your needs; addresses your fears, frustrations, paralysis. One that gives you the guidance only you could dream of.

D.1 Task 1. 4m, 40w.

  1. List things the email should include feelings, tangible things, states, WORDS of wisdom, anything you need to hear.

Task 2. 4m, author name, revise.
3. Consider who could write this: a boss, a best friend, a stranger. Add an author and revise as needed.

D.2 Task 3. 15m, 200w.

  1. Now write that email. Don’t worry about how or why “they would say this.” Focus on making sure the letter covers the things you NEED to hear.

D.3 Task 4. 2m, “your name”.

  1. Plot twist. Russia sends long range missiles that take out U.S. infrastructure including the internet. The government issues a full lockdown, and you’re home alone without Netflix.
  2. Two days in, an email appears on your computer.
  3. It’s the letter! How is this possible? Slowly you realize, you must have written this letter. You did!
  4. Add these WORDS at the bottom of your letter:
  5. “Respectfully, (your name)”
  6. Read what you need to hear, in the true leader’s voice: yours.

D.4 Task 5. 15m, 0w.

  1. Your original author may have had the authority, resources, or information you don’t. For example, “Here’s 20 thousand dollars to build your classroom.”
  2. Revise to make the letter practical.
  3. Tip 1: For resources you don’t have– money, TIME, influence– accept that indeed, you do not have power over these things, give up attempts to control, and welcome your feelings.
  4. Tip 2: For guiding your behavior–decisions, actions, confidence– give permission to take action.