F {APPENDIX} Open Letters.

This section comprises stand-alone drafts of (what is conceptualized as) book 3.

F.1 Dear scientist (whole chapter)

F.2 Dear artist,

you are scared or bored, - when you ask of form. - or consider skill building, rather - ask why you make. - again and again - why you must. - and prove it.

Appendix/aggregates. 1. FIT PLAN. 2. WIT PLAN. 3. Good vs Bad e-Good PLANs are ones that…

F.3 SELF-exp-e

exp-running-vs-meditation - 2019-07-18-1735
- time on task
- work = words per day
- running is linearly correlated with writing
- meditation is u-shaped curve

F.4 PPL-The world

  1. Localist (political ‘position’; representation; problem of tokenization)
  2. Distributed (population average)
  1. The world’s CHUD